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 Just saw Ted Nugent last night....

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PostSubject: Just saw Ted Nugent last night....   Sat Jun 21, 2008 12:38 pm

WOW, WHAT A PLAYER!!! He would be in the middle of telling us Californians to visit America sometime and then he'd play some random guitar lick that I could never dream of playing. He must be one of the funniest people to see live. Two times every song he'd throw a guitar pick into the crowd and one landed right behind me....I reach out for it, touch it, then some fat 40 year old loser neraly tears my hand off for it. :xThen Derek St. Holmes came out on stage to do the last 3 songs! The whole show was basically dedicated to Bo Diddley. It was probably the best concert I'll ever go to and the last seeing as I still can't hear anything today.
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Just saw Ted Nugent last night....
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