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 Glen Cambell and Paul Anka

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Vincent Blackshad

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PostSubject: Glen Cambell and Paul Anka   Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:01 am

Just thought I'd let you know of two new recordings I heard on the radio today.
Glen Cambell singing "Time of your life" the Greenday song and
Paul Anka doing a fantastic version of " Smells like teen spirit " the Nirvana song in a Bobby Darin kind of way.
While I'm here can someone answer this for me , Did Glen Cambell play with Eddie Cochran ? Dont know where I got that idea but it's in my head .
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PostSubject: Re: Glen Cambell and Paul Anka   Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:34 am

Paul Anka released a whole CD of modern songs done in a big band swing arrangement. Great Stuff!

I don't know if Glenn Campbell played with Eddie Cochran, but he was a member of The Champs who had a hit with Tequila.
He also played guitar on recording sessions with Elvis, The Monkees, Frank Sinatra and many others.
He was also a member of The Beach Boys for a short time around '64
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PostSubject: Re: Glen Cambell and Paul Anka   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:50 pm

There is some Cochran connection with Glen Campbell, but I don't believe they ever played on the same sessions. Glen moved out to LA in 1959 and some collectors have mistakenly placed Eddie on some of his recordings with the Gee Cee's (get it? GC - Glen Campbell). Various Cochran experts have said it's not Eddie on those recordings, but possibly Glen himself, who could play in a variety of styles. Jerry Capehart was a staff producer and songwriter for Crest, Glen's label, at the time. Jerry Capehart and Sharon Sheeley, were dear friends of Eddie's and writers of some of his best-known records. Both of them also wrote songs for Glen Campbell during his career.

Campbell was a busy session man during the early-mid 60s. Besides the other artists named, he also played on some sessions for Dean Martin and Bobby Darin.

I also have the Anka album, and his Big Band covers of rock songs is actually, in my opinion, superior to that of Pat Boone's In a Metal Mood, from whom Anka stole the concept. (Cheesy pop and big band versions of rock songs have been around as long as rock-n-roll, but Pat had a minor hit with his project a couple of years before the Anka project.) The idea of doing it with metal and grunge tunes is more of a modern novelty.

He Did it His Way-a-billy
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PostSubject: Re: Glen Cambell and Paul Anka   Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:10 pm

I remember those pictures of Pat Boone wearing a vest with no shirt, trying to look tough.
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PostSubject: Re: Glen Cambell and Paul Anka   

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Glen Cambell and Paul Anka
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